zapcalendarbox200Zap Calendar is a powerful calendar system for Joomla, but you may not know that Zap Calendar can promote your events outside of your web site.  Here are 6 things you didn't know Zap Calendar could do.






1. Automatically Post Events To Facebook


You may already know that you can include a Facebook Like or Share button on your event page by using Zap Calendar Pro's Facebook Like plugin.  But, did you know your events can be posted automatically to Facebook when the event date is near?  Isn't that cool? The details on this is available here.

2. Automatically Send E-mails Of Upcoming Events To A Mailing List

Send an automatic weekly or daily e-mail of upcoming events occuring on your calendar to a mailing list of subscribers.  The details are here.

3. Include Zap Calendar Events In Your ACYMailing Newsletter

Zap Calendar Pro provides a plugin to ACYMailing that allows you to include event links in your ACYMailing newsletter.  This plugin works with all versions of ACYMailing (the free version too).

4, 5 & 6: Google and Office 365 Events for 1,2, and 3

Take the features described in 1, 2 and 3 above, and now add Google and Office 365 events.  Using the iCal sync plugin in Zap Calendar Pro, pull external events from Google, Office 365 or any other iCalendar compliant calendar, and use these events to automatically post to Facebook, automatically send e-mails and include them in your ACYMailing Newsletter.