Create Sign-ups For Your Events

Sign Me Up! runs on Zap Calendar, our powerful calendar for Joomla.


Sign Me Up! is developed and maintained by

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  • Based On Our Powerful Calendar Platform For Joomla
    Sign Me Up! runs on the Basic, Standard and Pro versions of Zap Calendar, with over 9 years of product development.
  • E-mail Notification
    Users are sent a thank-you e-mail when they sign-up for an item.
  • Public and Registered Sign-ups Welcome
    Sign Me Up! can be configured to accept all sign-ups or only sign-ups from registered users.
  • Mobile Friendly
    Sign-up from a mobile device when using a responsive Joomla template.
  • Extensive iCalendar Support
    Zap Calendar was built from the ground up with iCalendar support to import, export, and synchronize calendars and events. Supports all repeating event types defined in the iCalendar specification.
  • Dozens of Add-ons
    Add-ons are available for Google Maps, moon phases, weather, commenting, RSVP's and many more.
  • Sell Products
    Visitors can buy products or make donations using a credit card or PayPal.
  • Reminder E-mails
    Users are sent a reminder prior to the event summarizing the items they need to bring.
  • Invite Friends
    Event organizers can Invite friends directly from the Sign Me Up! page. Create friend lists to re-use with other events.
  • Export Sign-up Data
    Event organizers can export sign-ups into Excel or a CSV file.
  • Customizable and Open Source
    Zap Calendar's form feature allows customization of e-mail templates to prevent losing changes after updates. The open source license provides open access to customize the software further and the ability to install it on more than one website.
  • Supports Latest Joomla Release
    Sign Me Up! works with Joomla version 3.3 and higher
  • Priced Right For Your Budget
    There are three Sign Me Up! subscriptions to choose from: Basic, Standard and Pro. Pick the subscription that fits your needs and budget.


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Sign Me Up!
Sign Me Up! + Zap Calendar Basic +
12 months of updates and support
Sign Me Up!
Sign Me Up! + Zap Calendar Standard +
12 months of updates and support

Pricing shown is in U.S.A. dollars.

Sign Me Up! creates sign-up pages for your Zap Calendar events, and includes a Zap Calendar subscription.



A subscription to Sign Me Up! entitles you access to the latest versions of Sign Me Up! and Zap Calendar software and support for 1 year. Subscriptions can be extended but are not required to continue to use these products.