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Zap Calendar Lite is the free version of our powerful calendar for Joomla.


Zap Calendar Lite is developed and maintained by

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  • Over 9 Years in the Making
    Zap Calendar has been in development and testing for over 9 years, and includes advanced features unique to Zap Calendar.
  • Multiple Calendar Layouts
    AJAX driven grid and list views by month, week, day, and year. An AJAX mini-month display and upcoming events list are also available. Any calendar layout can be displayed in a component page or module.
  • Easily Export Events
    RSS Export a single event or all events in iCalendar format. Create an RSS feed of upcoming events.
  • Automatic E-Mail of Upcoming Events
    Users can signup to receive daily or weekly e-mails of upcoming events.
  • Extensive iCalendar Support
    Zap Calendar Lite was built from the ground up with iCalendar support to export calendars and events. Supports all repeating event types defined in the iCalendar specification (see Zap Calendar for import features).
  • Add-ons
    Add-ons are available for displaying upcoming events, searching, mini-month display and category filtering.
  • Advanced Event Management
    Support for multiple categories per event, repeating events, removing or editing an event within a repeating series, batch editing and more.
  • Locations, Locations, Locations!
    Zap Calendar supports grouping of events by location.
  • Global Time Zone Support
    Create events in different time zones and display events in their own time zone or automatically convert them to another time zone.
  • Customizable and Open Source
    Zap Calendar's form feature allows customization without losing changes after updates. The open source license provides open access to customize the software further and the ability to install it on more than one website.
  • Supports Latest Joomla Release
    Zap Calendar works with Joomla version 3.x
  • Free!!!
    If you are looking for additional functionality, there are three Zap Calendar subscriptions to choose from with varying levels of features. You can easily upgrade to a subscription at a later time without losing any calendar data.

Live Demo

Zap Calendar Lite can be downloaded by creating a free account on this site and downloading it from the "My ZApps" page. For a comparison of features between all the Zap Calendar versions, click here.