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Plugin Name: Facebook Like

Availability: Zap Calendar Standard Zap Calendar Pro

Purpose: Use the facebook like plugin to place a Facebook "Like" or "Recommend" button on each event in your calendar.


Edit the following Facebook Like plugin settings from the Plugin Manager screen:

Facebook Admins: A comma-separated list the Facebook IDs of page administrators
Facebook Application ID: a Facebook Platform application ID. At a minimum, enter your Facebook ID under Facebook Admins.
Language: Specify the language of the button. This is controlled by Facebook, not Joomla's language settings. The default value is "en_US". For information on other languages, visit

The following settings are available in the calendar view's plugin settings:

Facebook Like Plugin: You can enable or disable this plugin for each view
Layout Style: Choose from standard, button count or box count
Show Faces: Choose whether to show Facebook profile images with like button
Width: enter the width in pixels for displaying like button (includes width for 'Show Faces' option)
Verb to Display: Choose "Like" or "Recommend" (may change depending on language set in plugin manager settings)
Font: Select from one of the available fonts
Color Scheme: Select from "Light" or "Dark".

To display like buttons for Facebook, Google + and Twitter, consider using the Social Like plugin , which provides buttons for other social sites but offers less customization.

For more information on using the "Like" button, including how to receive analytical information, read the information from Facebook at this URL:


This plugin is available starting with release 2.2 of ZapCalendar.