zapweather200Zap Weather version 10 is now available. This release supports Joomla 3.x and includes support for PHP 7 and adds a new module for displaying forecasts.  This module can display the list of forecasts in either horizontal or vertical mode. There is also an option to enlarge the forecast icon and display a drop shadow below the icon.  Just use the module class suffixes of "horizontal", "vertical", "large" and "shadow" to change the appearance.

Zap Weather is a free Joomla component for displaying weather for any USA location or territory.  Since its first release over 11 years ago, Zap Weather has always been free and with "no commercial interruptions". That is, there are no fees, commercial advertising or links to external sites.  Zap Weather uses data from the National Weather Service, a USA government organization and its services are paid for by the tax dollars of USA citizens.  If you are not already using Zap Weather on your site, try it out today and let those tax dollars work for you!

More information about Zap Weather can be found here.