zapcalendarbox200rHoliday importing and Google Maps pin clustering are just some of the features in the latest Zap Calendar release.  Here are the details of the new features in Zap Calendar 4.2.1:

Subscription status displayed on Zap Calendar panel page - Zap Calendar 4.2.0 introduced the Joomla updater capability.  This allowed one to automatically receive updates if the updater key from the subscription page was entered into Zap Calendar's global settings.  Zap Calendar 4.2.1 utilizes this updater key to now display the subscription status on the back-end panel page.  This feature shows the subscription status (current or expired),  the date when the subscription expires and the number of days left in the subscripion.


Subscription status is now displayed on the panel page when the updater key is set.

Importing Holiday Events - Event holidays of over 40 countries can now be imported directly into Zap Calendar from the iCalendar import page (found in the back-end tools menu).  This feature utilizes the iCalendar interface of the Enrico Service , a holiday calendar web service.  Holidays can be imported in either English or the native language of the country.  This feature is available in the Basic, Standard and Pro versions.

Google Maps Pin Clustering - The Google Maps plugin now provides a pin clustering option.  When there are many pins displayed on the map, pin clustering can group the pins in a less cluttered map.  The pin clustering changes as the map is zoomed in and out.


The pin clustering feature of the Google Maps add-on can make a map less cluttered.


Change for Joomla 3.5 - A PHP class name change was made in the upcoming Joomla 3.5 release to address a name conflict with PHP 7.  Unfortunately, this new class name conflicts with a Zap Calendar class name.  In order to avoid possible class name conflicts, the Zap Calendar class name "StringHelper" has been changed to "ZStringHelper".