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Plugin Name: qrcode

Availability: Zap Calendar StandardZap Calendar Pro

zcalendar qrcodePurpose: Display a QR code (square barcode) on the event details page, allowing users to save the event details directly on their smart phone or directing them to your event page.


After installing and enabling the plugin, it is ready to use.  Enable the plugin in the calendar's plugin settings.  Other configuration options are:

Plugin Position:  Choose where you wish the QR code to appear on your event page.

Type of QR Code: Choose either "Event" or "URL".  The event QR code contains the event title, description, date and time, and location. Scanning this code will attempt to put the event information into the user's calendar.  Scanning a URL QR code will direct the user to the event page on your web site.

QR codes can be scanned from the browser window or from a printed copy.

Other Notes:

This plugin is new in version 3.1.1 . You must be running version 3.1.1 or higher of Zap Calendar.

Some QR code readers may not fully support events.