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Module Name: quickevent

Availability: Zap Calendar Basic Zap Calendar Standard Zap Calendar Pro

zcalendar quickeventPurpose: This back-end module allows a user to quickly add an event using a descriptive sentence, like "Staff Meeting tomorrow at 10am" or "Vacation 6/19".



After installation, the module will be available in the back-end under Zap Calendar's Tools menu.


Using the Module:

You will need to specify a category, time zone and a descriptive sentence to create an event.  The descriptive sentence needs to contain the event title, the date and an optional time.  If no time is specified, then an all day event is assumed (example: "Vacation 6/19").  Multiple dates can be included for a multi-day event (example: "Staff Retreat 5/1 to 5/3"). Multiple times can be included for specifying both a start and end time (example: "Morning Meeting Friday 8am to 12pm").  If only one time is entered, then a 1 hour meeting is assumed (example: "Lunch Meeting 3/15 12pm").  Dates can include days of the week, such as "Wednesday" and the word "Tomorrow" is recognized. Dates can either be in U.S. (i.e. 1/30/2012) or European (i.e. 30.1.2012) formats.  Times can be entered in either 12 or 24 hour formats.  In 12 hour formatted times, there must be no space between the time and the am/pm indicator.  The year does not need to be specified in the date if the event is to occur within the next year.  You will need to specify the year if the event will occur more than 1 year away or if you are entering an event that has already passed.


Other Notes:

This module requires at least one, non-read-only category to be defined.

Creating repeating events is not supported with this module.

You can only select a single category when creating events with this module (the event editor allows the selection of multiple categories).

This module was added in version 3.0