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Plugin Name: comment

Availability: Zap Calendar Pro

Purpose: To allow users to post comments on an event.


After installing and enabling the plugin, go to the "Admin Tools" screen (accessible from Zap Calendar's administration panel) and complete the installation for the plugin.  Then modify the following settings:

Plugin Settings: View Comments - Specify if all users can view posted comments or only logged in users. Post Comments - Specify if all users can post comments on only logged in users. If set to all users, the recaptcha plugin can be used to prevent SPAM postings. Page Length - specify how may comments to display per page.

View Settings: Select the plugin tab to enable the comment plugin for the view. You can use this option to temporarily disable comment posting within the view

Event Settings: Use the plugin tab in the event editor to turn on commenting for an individual event.


Other Notes:

This plugin is compatible with the recaptcha plugin and is recommended if public posting of comments is allowed.

The name format of the comment's author is defined in Zap Calendar's global settings.

Turning commenting off for an event after users have posted comments effectively locks the comments for that event.

This plugin is compatible with Zap Calendar's JomSocial and Community Builder plugins. If the Community Builder plugin is available, comments will show the CB avatar of the author. If the JomSocial plugin is installed and enabled, comments will show the JomSocial avatar of the author and will display comment activity in the user's Wall.  Points will also be awarded to the user when a post is made.