Zap Calendar Release 2.0.11 Adds Back-end Features, Foreign Language Support

zapcalendarThe latest release of Zap Calendar, version 2.0.11, includes several new features. One of the most highly requested features, adding HTML support for the event description, is now available.  Several back-end enhancements have been added, including:

  • sortable columns in the event and view managers
  • a new "apply" option when saving an event, category, or view
  • "edit as new" option for events, allowing you to copy an event, including repeating events.
  • new "move" option in the category manager, allowing you to move one category or a group of categories from one subcategory to another

Also in this release:

  • New e-mail option when sharing an event
  • New foreign language support - Spanish and Portuguese are included in this release.
  • Updated RSVP plugin - exportable RSVP list, total count is now a head count, not an RSVP count.
  • Updated Google Maps plugin - Events on the map are now linked back to the original event.

For more details, see the change log by clicking here.

New Zap Calendar Release Includes 2 New Plugins and Enhancements


The latest release of Zap Calendar, version 2.0.10, contains 2 new plugins and several enhancements.  The new plugins in this release are included in both the standard and Pro versions of Zap Calendar. The Google Weather plugin provides weather forecast icons in the calendar. This is similar to the Z Weather plugin, however, unlike the Z Weather plugin, the Google Weather plugin provides weather forecasts for locations around the world (the Z Weather plugin uses the National Weather Service, a USA government agency, for its weather data) . The More Info plugin provides the ability to add more fields to an event. The plugin initially comes  with contact name, phone # and e-mail fields, but can be customized for additional fields.

Other highlights of this release include:

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Version 6.0.2 of Z Weather Released, Fixes Old Observation Issue

Version 6.0.2 of Z Weather has been released to address an issue that has come up recently due to a change in the XML feed data from the National Weather Service.   This release corrects the error "This observation is over x hours old..." that appeared even when the observation data was current.  This release also provides better upgrade and re-install support when upgrading 6.0.2 to future releases.


Z Weather Marks 3rd Anniversary With Version 6 Production Release

2-party-hatZ Weather made its debut in October 2005 with its first beta version, just one month after Joomla was born.  Now, 3 years, 3 products and 6 major beta releases later (and several more minor ones),  the first production version of Z Weather is now available.  Version 6 incorporates many enhancements suggested by users, including easier creation of locations, choice of 24, 12, or 3 hour forecasts, and better memory handling. We have also revamped the Z Content website, which now includes a forum where Z Weather users can communicate with the auther and with each other.  To download this release of Z Weather, click on the download link at the website.

Version 6 supports version 1 of Joomla and version 1.5 of Joomla in legacy mode.

Z Weather Version 6 Beta 4 Released, Cron Job Now Supported

The Version 6 Beta 4 release of Z Weather now supports the use of a cron job to update the weather data in the background. Available in previous Joomla 1.0 releases of Z Weather, the cron job in Version 6 Beta 4 update weather data in the background for either Joomla 1.0 or Joomla 1.5 sites.  The cron job feature provides better site performance because website visitor sessions are no longer needed to retrieve the weather data from the National Weather Service.  The cron job can now run either on the same host as the web server or from a separate host.  See the readme file for the cron job for installation instructions.

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Current Observation Fix

NOTICE:  If you use the current observation feature of Z Weather, you may have noticed the current observation has stopped updating. The reason for this is the NWS has moved the observation data to a different location on the server Z Weather uses to retrieve the data. Version 6 Beta 3 of Z Weather resolves this issue and is available for download by clicking here.  If you wish to update your Z Weather installation manually, you can modify the components/com_zweather/zweather.class.php file and look for the following line:

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Joomla Now a Part of American History, that is. Z Content, the developer of Z Weather, has created a Joomla site devoted to showing American history in a unique way: through a user-friendly web calendar. Birthdays of people in American history as well as events in American history can be viewed using an AJAX enabled calendar. Birthdays and events can be either subscribed to or downloaded and loaded into an iCal compliant calendar program, including Mozilla Sunbird, Apple's iCal, Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook 2007.

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