The Version 6 Beta 4 release of Z Weather now supports the use of a cron job to update the weather data in the background. Available in previous Joomla 1.0 releases of Z Weather, the cron job in Version 6 Beta 4 update weather data in the background for either Joomla 1.0 or Joomla 1.5 sites.  The cron job feature provides better site performance because website visitor sessions are no longer needed to retrieve the weather data from the National Weather Service.  The cron job can now run either on the same host as the web server or from a separate host.  See the readme file for the cron job for installation instructions.

This release, which includes separate file downloads for the Z Weather component, module and cron job, is available at


Note to users of previous versions of the cron job feature: You must run Version 6 of the cron job with Version 6 Beta 4 or higher of Z Weather. You can not use the cron job file installed from an earlier (pre version 6) release.