NOTICE:  If you use the current observation feature of Z Weather, you may have noticed the current observation has stopped updating. The reason for this is the NWS has moved the observation data to a different location on the server Z Weather uses to retrieve the data. Version 6 Beta 3 of Z Weather resolves this issue and is available for download by clicking here.  If you wish to update your Z Weather installation manually, you can modify the components/com_zweather/zweather.class.php file and look for the following line:

$datafile = '/data/current_obs/' . trim(strtoupper($location)) . '.xml';  


Update this line to change the word "data" to "xml" (all lowercase), to look like this:


$datafile = '/xml/current_obs/' . trim(strtoupper($location)) . '.xml';


After this line is updated and the file saved, go to the administrator screen and click the "Refresh Cache" button to load the current observation data.  Your website should now show the "current" current observation.