What is the Zap Weather plugin?

The Zap Weather plugin is a way to embed weather data into your article content or custom HTML module.  It can be as simple as displaying a single data item like today's weather forecast or it could be a fully formatted HTML page with many weather data items and css styles.  You can see an example and more information about this plugin in the Zap Weather plugin examples article.

Why should I use this plugin?

The Zap Weather plugin gives you complete control over the formatting of weather data. You no longer need to be a programmer to customize the output from Z Weather. If you know how to use the Joomla editor, you can add weather data to your articles.

How do I use this plugin?

View the articles in our support section that show you how to use the plugin, including several live examples.

Can I create my own weather module using this plugin?

Yes! You can use the custom HTML module to create your own custom weather module.  Make sure you have enabled the content plugin setting in the module settings.

Does using the plugin slow down my site?

The plugin shares the same XML cache of weather data that the Zap Weather component.  Zap Weather's cron feature can speed up accessing weather data by refreshing the XML data in the background.  Enabling page caching in Joomla will cache the output generated by the Zap Weather plugin and any other modules and plugins in use, resulting in faster display of web pages even on those pages not utilizing the Zap Weather plugin.