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Plugin Name: moonphase

Availability: zlite Zap Calendar Basic Zap Calendar Standard Zap Calendar Pro

Purpose: To show the phase of the moon on the monthly, weekly or day calendars. Moon phase is shown in the upper left corner of the day when it occurs. Up to 8 moon phases can be displayed on the calendar.

moon calendarConfiguration:

After installing and enabling the plugin, modify the following plugin settings in the view:

Moon Phase Plugin: set to "On"

Phase Count:

2 phases - show new moon, full moon

4 phases - include first and last quarters

8 phases - include waxing crescent and gibbous, waning crescent and gibbous

Show Popup: if enabled, show larger moon phase icon and description when hovering over the icon.


Other Notes:

Moon phase is displayed based on Universal time.  The actual local time of the moon phase event could be 1 day before or after the event.

Moon phase and the weather plugins occupy the same location in the calendar. Change the plugin order in the plugin manager to change the order of the moon phase and weather icons.

This plugin was added in version 2.1