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Plugin Name: More Info

Availability: Zap Calendar Standard Zap Calendar Pro

Purpose: To display additional information about an event. By default, this plugin adds a contact name, phone # and e-mail address.  Additional fields can be added.


After installing and enabling the plugin, you can either customize the current field layout or you can begin to use the plugin in your events immediately.


To use the plugin:

No further configuration is needed. You can enter data in the new fields in either the front or back end interfaces.  The new data fields will appear in the "More Info" plugin section.


To customize the plugin for Zap Calendar 4:

The plugin utilizes Joomla's form feature in Joomla 3.  Edit the file plugins/zapcalendar/moreinfo/models/forms/moreinfo.xml to modify or add new fields.  Refer to Joomla's form and field documentation for more information on editing this file.

To customize the plugin for Zap Calendar 3:

The plugin utilizes three files in the "plugins/zapcalendar/moreinfo/" folder to support the more info plugin: "event.xml", "event.php", and "event.js" . These files correspond to XML defined fields, server-side php data verification, and client-side JavaScript data verification, respectively.  Modify these files to add, edit or remove event fields, or use the back-end editors in the admin tools section.

The XML file, "event.xml", contains information about the more info fields, including field name, type and width.  The PHP file, "event.php", allows for a server process to run to verify the data prior to saving the event.  The JavaScript file, "event.js", allows for the browser to verify the data prior to sending the data to the server.  The included files show how this is accomplished with the contact fields.  The admin tools screen found in the Zap Calendar administrator control panel provides a text editor for editing each of these files as well as a button to reset the file back to its initial contents.


Other Notes:

Data from the more info custom fields is stored in the params column of the event.

If you are not familiar with customizing Joomla, contact Z Content to get a quote to add custom fields for your site.