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Plugin Name: JomSocial

Availability: Zap Calendar Pro

Purpose: Integrates Zap Calendar with JomSocial ( )


The JomSocial plugin provides these integrated features with Zap Calendar:

  • Display JomSocial avatar where a user's name is displayed - This includes the owner name in an event and user lists in the RSVP and comment add-ons.
  • Link to the user's JomSocial profile page from the JomSocial avatar
  • Update JomSocial wall activity for RSVP's and comments, if enabled.
  • Show JomSocial Events on the calendar - JomSocial events will appear on the calendar, upcoming events and in the Google Map if enabled.


The following options can be configured from the calendar settings:

  • JomSocial Plugin - Enable this to enable JomSocial features in the calendar.
  • Display JomSocial Events - Enable this to display JomSocial events in the calendar.
  • Category Name - This will be used as the category name when displaying the JomSocial event on the calendar.  Default is "JomSocial"
  • Category Color - This will be used as the category color when displaying the event on the calendar.
  • Time Zone - Specify the time zone where the JomSocial events will occur.
  • JomSocial Event Menu - Specify the menu item where JomSocial events will be displayed. Clicking on a JomSocial event in the calendar will redirect users to this page


Other Notes:

JomSocial must be installed in order for this plugin to work.  For more details on JomSocial, visit

Private JomSocial events are only shown on the calendar of the event owner.


Known Limitations:

The category controller add-on does not affect JomSocial events

Zap Calendar requires a specific time zone name for date/time calculations.  JomSocial's time zone setting uses an offset value, so a specific time zone setting is required.  This can be problematic for events in more than one time zone.