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Plugin Name: birthday

Availability: Zap Calendar Basic Zap Calendar Standard Zap Calendar Pro

Purpose: To display birthday and anniversary information separate from the event description. Similar to Wikipedia, date calculations such as birthday age and anniversary count are provided.Event Details screenshot for Harry Houdini


This plugin is automatically installed on the Zap Calendar Tools page in the Joomla administrator.

Enable this plugin from the plugins tab in the calendar settings.  Also from the calendar settings, the notable year option can be used to highlight notable birthdays or anniversaries, say, every 5 or 10 year anniversary. If the year is notable, the notable tag will be added to the title in the calendar display or the birthday/anniversary field in the event details. For example, if your template supports icomoon fonts, you can use the following tag to display a star next to the event name in the calendar:

<span class="icon-star"> </span>

From the event settings, select either "birthday" or "anniversary" and enter the anniversary/birth year.  For birthdays, enter the year of death if you wish to display the age at death in the event details.

Other Notes:

This plugin was added in Zap Calendar version 4.3.5