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Module Name: sh404SEF

Availability: Zap Calendar Basic Zap Calendar Standard Zap Calendar Pro

Purpose: This plugin works with the shs404SEF component to generate search engine friendly URL's for Zap Calendar events and calendars.


This plugin requires the sh404SEF component to be installed.  The plugin can be found in the shs404sefextplugins folder on the plugins manager page.  Enable the plugin from this page to activate it.


Using the Plugin:

The plugin has two options:

Event Path: This option determines if the generated event URL will be at the root of the web site name or include the parent path.

Date Format: Select the date format you wish to use to include in the URL.  You should only specify "No Date" if you are sure you will have no repeating events or duplicate event titles.

Other Notes:

The event path only includes the immediate parent path, it does not include more than one level of the path.