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Plugin Name: eventreminder

Availability: Zap Calendar Basic Zap Calendar Standard Zap Calendar Pro

Purpose: To send reminder e-mails to event owners prior to an event.


This plugin is configured in the plugin settings screen in Joomla's Plugin Manager. To configure, modify the following plugin settings:

Status: Enabled

Itemid: Menu id of the Zap Calendar component (used to generate the correct URL in the e-mail)

1st Event Reminder, 2nd Event Reminder, 3rd Event Reminder: The number days prior to the event to send the reminder e-mail.  Up to three e-mails can be sent for an event.  Use zero "0" for the number of days if the reminder will not be used.

E-mails are sent using a cron job.  The cron job should run only once per day.  Zap Calendar provides a security feature to prevent attacks on cron jobs. From the Zap Calendar global settings, you can specify the IP addresses authorized to run the event reminder cron job.  By default, "" is enabled, which is the localhost.  If you want to allow any host to run the cron job, use the IP address "*.*.*.*", however, this is not secure. (Note: only ip4 addresses are currently supported).

ZContent will also provide the cron job service to Pro customers who can not run it on their own servers at no additional charge. Contact Z Content for more details.

Sample Cron for Zap Calendar 4.0 and higher

# Zap Calendar Event Reminder cron job
10 1 * * * wget -O /dev/null "" >/dev/null

Sample Cron for Zap Calendar 3.1

# Zap Calendar cron job
10 1 * * * wget -O /dev/null "" >/dev/null


Other Notes:

This plugin is new with version 3.1