Version 1

Released April 25, 2017
New: Support for Google's safe browsing feature
Fix: Support for Joomla 3.7

Released March 7, 2017
New: Added multiple Joomla installation check in database best practices
New: Added e-mail display options in global settings
New: New log level option in global settings
New: monitor plugin: site link now displays cached audit report for that site

Released February 7, 2017
New: Added suspect file check
New: Added Zap Audit files to unauthorized and CRC checks
New: Removed valid Joomla cache and log files from recent files report.
New: Removed Zap Audit installation from recent files report
Misc. bug fixes

Released January 30, 2017
Added check for Zap Audit version
Color coded version release in monitor plugin screen (green for up to date, red for needs updating)
Misc. bug fixes

Released January 26, 2017
Added file audit mode to audit offline sites.
Revamped caching control
Last audit report is now cached
Added check for one and only one super user account
Misc. bug fixes

Released January 20, 2017
Added Pro version with plugins for monitoring multiple sites and sending e-mail alerts when a change is detected
Fixed issue so older Joomla! installations now work
Added additional best practices checks
Added Joomla version check
Monitor plugin (pro version) can now send e-mails, using just one cron job for all monitored sites.

Released January 11, 2017
Initial product release