zapcalendarThe latest release of Zap Calendar has so many new features we decided to bump up the version numbering from 2.0 to 2.1. Many of these new features were suggested by customers.  For a complete list of enhancements and fixes, you can visit the change log page for version 2.1.12.  Here is a summary of the new features you will find in this release:


New Features for All Versions

The moon phase plugin shows a graphical image of the moon phase on the calendar and is available in all versions.

The new personal view feature allows users to have a calendar view of their own events. When enabled, only the user's events in that view are displayed (must be logged in to use the personal view feature).

Back end category manager is now displayed as a tree, similar to the display used in Joomla's menu manager.

Event popups will now include an image from the event's description if HTML descriptions are enabled and an image is included in the description (first image will be used if there are more than one).  If there are no images in the description, or if the event description is not in HTML, the popup will display the default category image.

CSV (comma separated value) import is now available. You can now import events into Zap Calendar using either the ical or CSV formats.

You can now limit the number of events that can be displayed in a day on the the monthly, weekly and mini calendars. This is useful if there are many events on a single day.


New Features for Standard and Pro Versions

The Google Maps plugin can now search for events by proximity. With this feature, you can find now search for events that are happening near your location.

The Zap Article plugin now can show an event in either a popup or a standard link using itemid value


New Features for Pro Version

The Pro version of Zap Calendar includes two new modules:

The my RSVP module shows events a user has RSVP'd to (requires Pro version's RSVP plugin)

The recent comments module shows recent comments (requires Pro version's comment plugin)