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TOPIC: Zap Calendar Change Log

Zap Calendar Change Log 9 years 11 months ago #1522

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New Features In This Release

Note: Patch releases are downloaded using the same download URL as the main release. Just re-download Zap Calendar using the URL you were given for the main release and you will receive the patched updates with the new download.

New Modules
my rsvp - show events a user has RSVP'd to (requires Pro version's RSVP plugin)
recent comments - show recent comments (requires Pro version's comment plugin)

New Plugin
moon phase - show phases of the moon directly on the calendar (available in all versions)

Enhanced Plugins
Google Maps - you now search for events by proximity. Find events that are happening near your location.

New Features
The new personal view feature allows users to have a calendar view of their own events. When enabled, only the user's events are displayed (must be logged in to use the personal view feature).

Back end category manager is now displayed as a tree, similar to the display used in Joomla's menu manager.

Event popups now display an image from the event's description if HTML descriptions are enabled and an image is included in the description. If this is not the case, the popup will still display the default category image.

CSV (comma separated value) import is now available. You can now import events into Zap Calendar using either the ical or CSV import screens.

You can now limit the number of events that can be displayed in a day on the the monthly, weekly and mini calendars. This is useful if there are many events on a single day.

Change Log Patch
Fix: Fixed warning message that occurred when displaying year calendar view.
Enhancement: AJAX calendar now automatically refreshes after adding, editing or deleting an event in the front-end. Patch (Google Maps and Z Weather plugins only)
Fix: wait icon now works in Google Maps plugin if using SEF and Zap Calendar is in sub menu
Enhancement: With Google Maps plugin, you can now choose source Google domain for local language directions and local geocoding (postal codes to lat/long, for example)
Fix: minor CSS fix to Z Weather display Patch
Fix: Fixed DST problem in ical import from Google Calendar
Fix: Fixed Google Maps plugin where locations were not displayed if an event had an article or URL link.
Fix: Alignment of category images in category manager
Fix: Language typos

2.1.12 Release
Enhancement: reduced # of queries when displaying calendar views for improved performance.
Fix: language install now installs forms correctly.
Fix: default time in event editor now looks at view to determine if event time is displayed in 12 or 24 hour format
Enhancement: Check for duplicate category names (could be same name in 2 different parent categories), add parent category name if needed (used in category selector, legend and controller).
Fix: fixed ical import/sync DST issue with some calendar sources.
Fix: fixed issue where view description did not show full width due to view icons
Enhancement: Zap Article now can show event in popup or standard link using itemid value

Fix: popup of event description in back-end event manager now works correctly if it includes HTML.
Enhancement: new view option maxeventsperday can now optionally limit how many events to show in one day in the mini, monthly and weekly calendars.
Enhancement: event popup can now show an image from the HTML description if available, otherwise, it will still show the default category image.
Enhancement: New proximity search feature for Google Maps plugin
Enhancement: Date can now be disabled in event popups
Fix: More misc. language strings added that were missed in last version
New Module: recent comments
New Module: my RSVP
Updated: next release will be 2.1 (the .12 will signify the release number, which will be the 12th since Zap Calendar was released).

Enhancement: New Feature: personal calendar view
New Feature: category manager now displays categories in tree layout.
New Feature: category color now automatically changes in category editor when updated
Fix: Language support added to category editor.
New feature: CSV import
New feature: date format option for event popup
Fix: Google Maps plugin: fixes to keep map display working when system messages turned on
Enhancement: Google Maps plugin now uses user defined zoom factor for group display if only one location is displayed
Enhancement: New Any/All option to controller plugin and module
Enhancement: Google Maps group view now shows directions link.
Enhancement: View manager in back-end now uses tree-based category chooser
New Plugin: moon phase (available in all versions)
Fix: ical import/subscribe no longer generates a PHP error when there are no events in the file/feed.
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