zapcalendarbox200Version 4.0.14 of Zap Calendar is the sixth release of Zap Calendar since we announced the first production release 3 months ago.  There has been a flurry of activity in the past 3 months with new features, new add-ons and bug fixes.  With several new add-ons released in this version,  the number of add-ons in Zap Calendar's library has reached 30.  You can see a listing of all add-ons on this page.  If you have not updated your Zap Calendar site recently, now is a great time to do so.  You can see a detailed history of what's new in the change log, or you can continue to read about Zap Calendar release highlights from the past 3 months.



New Features

Improved compatibility with templates - Testing was done on Rocket Theme and Joomla Shack templates, as well as other custom templates to ensure template compatibility

Switch from MooTools to jQuery/Bootstrap - Front and back-end modal and popup boxes have switched to using jQuery/Bootstrap, the new method preferred by Joomla 3.x

Batch mode for event manager - You can now batch change events to update the reminder and time zone fields as well as add and remove event categories.

Redesigned back-end - Backend now contains sortable columns and enhanced manager screens.  Zap Calendar plugin settings are now more managable with a new tab based layout.

Improved native SEF support - Zap Calendar now includes the title in SEF generated URL's when using Joomla's native SEF mode.

Icon display - In addition to displaying icons on calendar and event pages in a menu, you can now choose to display the icons in a horizontal line (flat mode).

Facebook meta tags - Zap Calendar now creates Facebook meta tags for event pages, which helps Facebook when sharing or including an event URL in a Facebook post.


New Add-Ons

sh404SEF plugin - This plugin works with the sh404SEF component to generate SEF friendly URL's for Zap Calendar event pages ( Pro, Standard and Basic subscription).

Xmap plugin - This plugin works with the Xmap component to automatically generate site maps containing Zap Calendar events for your web site (Pro subscription).

More Info plugin - Did you wish you had more fields in the event page?  Use this plugin to add your own fields to the event page (Pro subscription).

Social Like plugin - This plugin provides "like" buttons on your event page for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter (Pro and Standard subscription).

zcalendar statsStats module - This plugin displays statistics in the Zap Calendar back-end tools screen.  Clicking on a statistic will bring up that item.  For example, clicking on the "Events Needing Approval" statistic will display a list of events needing approval (Pro, Standard and Basic subscription).


Updated Add-Ons

Google Maps plugin - now supports jQuery / Bootstrap modal popups. Event details popup on map now includes a category or event image.  The map can now be displayed top, bottom, left or right on the event page.

zcalendar qrcode

Zap Weather - In addition to the Pro and Standard subscriptions, Zap Weather is now available in the Basic subscription.

QR Code - now you can select the barcode to show the URL or event details.  The QR Code can now be displayed in the top, bottom, left or right on the event page.