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TOPIC: Zap Calendar 4.0 Change Log

Zap Calendar 4.0 Change Log 9 years 5 months ago #4434

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Released February 17, 2015
Misc. bug fixes
Fixes for Joomla 3.4 compatibility
New: Re-engineered upcoming events module, support for 9 display types and class options for dozens of combinations. Note: to retain previous display options, use the class options " shadow upper" (must precede first option with a space).
New: multiple front end event download options to various calendar applications.

Released February 2, 2015
Misc. bug fixes
New: Event Filter plugin
New: Responsive legend
New: Color coded categories in front end event page
New: iCal import now has sample data install option



Released October 13, 2014
New: Added day colors option to year view
New: Added day colors option to mini-month module
Fix: Date widget now supports date format option in global settings
New: Improved performance when displaying year view with event display
Fix: Fixes to iCalendar export
Fix: Misc. fixes to RSVP plugin
New: New URL option in social like plugin

Released September 23, 2014
New: In-place upgrade option from Joomla 2.5
New: Categories column now color coded in events manager
Fix: category field now retains value in edit-as-new event option
New: Fancy color upcoming style
New: JomSocial events supported in JomSocial plugin
New: JomSocial events supported in Google Maps plugin with JomSocial plugin enabled
New: Social Like plugin: Twitter feed now includes time of events.
New: Dark Sky weather plugin.

Released August 29, 2014
New Plugin: shs404SEF
New Plugin: Xmap
Fix: Back-end: after saving events, locations and calendars, editor shows current item instead of new item.
Fix: Z Content news feed and check for new version now work if PHP open_basedir setting is set
New: Back-end menus now include icon
New: plugin settings in event, calendar, location and calendar editors now in tab layout
Fix: Zap Calendar now works correctly in Ajax mode when Joomla cache is enabled
Fix: Fixed CSS compatibility issues with several different templates
Fix: Improved URL's for Joomla's built-in SEF mode
Fix: Calendar description text now outside of Ajax refresh area
Fix: Fixed icon menu display issues
Fix: Footer settings in calendar now work
Fix: Events beginning yesterday are now not shown in RSS feed
New: [url] now a var option in showevent.tpl , which is URL of event
New: Upcoming module now includes footer settings
New: Social Like Plugin: Twitter link now includes event title

Released August 11, 2014
New: moved title field outside of tab layout in back-end event, category, location and calendar editors
New: Social Like plugin
New: changed event approval icons in event manager to thumbs up/ thumbs down icons
New: back end titles now include Z Content logo
New: plugin tab items now collapsable in event, category, location and calendar editors
New: Event batch update now supports changing reminder field
New: title field now uses bigger font in event, category, location and calendar editors
New: added confirmed and reminder icons in event manager
Fix: fixed isToday() calculation in determine current Day
Fix: removed "..." in event popup when no description is displayed
Fix: renamed AJAXHelper class to avoid name clash with other 3rd party components when module being used.
Fix: Month Header plugin: fixed bug displaying previous year option
New: Title plugin: added option to toggle display of view buttons
Fix: Calendar Module: fixed display of module when no other Zap Calendar modules displayed on same page.

Released July 24, 2014
New: Flat icon list option in addition to drop-down list.
Fix: Fixes to calendar module
Fix: Google Maps Plugin: plugin now works when site is in a subdirectory

Released July 17, 2014
Fix: QuickEvent module now stores local event time correctly
New: Events Manager now shows event location in list
Fix: Extend repeating events on tools page
New: Tooltip for event description in events manager
Fix: Upcoming and mini-month modules now showing events in correct time zone
Fix: After midnight option in calendar settings now works

Released July 12, 2014
New Plugin: More Info
Fix: Repeating event with "until" date now saved correctly in event editor
New: Flat calendar icons is now an option in addition to drop down menu
Fix: Calendar title and description now displayable in calendar page
New: Facebook meta tags now a part of main component (removed from Facebook Like plugin)
Fix: Cache timeout of Z Content news and update check are now set correctly
Fix: Fixed bug that prevented plugins from displaying in event when owner field turned off
Fix: Fixed primary color of event in calendar when using multi-category events.
Fix: Removed absolute URL's from Google Maps plugin to avoid cross-scripting errors on some sites

Released June 21, 2014
New: Added USA time zone aliases used by Microsoft icalendar files
New: iCalendar import and export now recognizes HTML in event descriptions
New: Event location, if specified, is now displayed in calendar list mode
New: New fancy mode for RSS feeds, includes image from event description or category
New: Facebook Like plugin: Share event now shows event date/time_end
New: Facebook Like plugin: Can now specify a default image for share if no category image or image in description is present
New: Googlemaps plugin: Map point popup now includes category or event image
New: Googlemaps plugin: Now supports jQuery/Bootstrap modal popups
New: Title plugin: Button CSS option available for templates without front-end button CSS support.
Fix: iCalendar and CSV import screens now more robust when an error occurs
Fix: Added RSS publish mode feature in calendar editor originally in 3.1
Fix: Various fixes to iCalendar imports and exports
Fix: Transparent/Reminder field now removed from event editor when specified in calendar settings.
Fix: qrcode plugin: Plugin no longer generates error if it is the first or only active plugin in event display

Released May 30, 2014
New: Categories can now be reordered in category manager
New: Batch processing event manager to batch change time zone, add/remove categories to events
New: stats module, displayed in back-end tools page
New: Changed front-end modals for event display and dialog boxes from Mootools to Bootstrap
New: Changed back-end modals for dialog boxes from Mootools to Bootstrap
New: Back-end calendar manager is now sortable by column
Fix: Quick Event module now has time zone option
New: Back-end event manager is now sortable by column
New: Back-end event manager now includes time zone column
New: Back-end event manager can now filter by time zone
Fix: Category selector in event editor now recognizes previously saved categories
Fix: 12/24 hour time option now works correctly in calendar
New: Location manager is now sortable by column
New: Location manager now shows number of events for each location, click on count to see those events in event manager
New: Location manager now includes time zone filter
Fix: icalendar import fixes
Fix: quick event module is now compatible with PHP 5.5
Fix: quick event module now properly recognizes all day events on DST days
New: Safe mode for disabling plugins from calendar (experimental)
Fix: Categories are now ordered correctly in popups in front-end calendar
Fix: Updated facebook like plugin, now supports Zap Calendar in AJAX mode
Fix: Map display in event details now recognizes correct zoom level in Google Maps plugin
New: Google Maps plugin now supports top, bottom, left and right positions in event details
New: QR Code plugin now supports either URL or event qr codes
New: QR Code plugin now supports top, bottom, left and right positions in event details
Released May 18, 2014
Fix: Back-end new event causes error, introduced in 4.0.6 and fixed in

Released May 8, 2014
New: Added author field in back-end event manager and editor
New Module: Quick event (in back-end tools page)
New: install now enables plugins and modules
Fix: save of new category no longer adds 2 categories
Fix: errors in Joomla 3.3
New: color of buttons in title plugin now match theme color
New: href in calendar event now contains entire event block, not just title

4.0.5 beta
Released April 8, 2014
New: Improved responsive behavior with front-end display of calendar and events
New: RSVP plugin
New: My RSVP module
New: Search plugin
Fix: Work on reducing PHP 4.4 warnings in maximum log mode
Fix: relative dates (i.e "-3m") would not display in calendar fields
Enhancement: Event title now shown prominently on event page
Enhancement: Support for selecting top, bottom, left and right positions for plugins on event page (current plugins to support this are comment and rsvp).
Fix: One day events show as spanning 2 days

4.0.4 beta
Released February 15, 2014
New: Comment plugin
New: Recent comments plugin
New: Zap article plugin
New: AcyMailing plugin
New: Facebook like plugin
New: RSS feed
New: Category icon images
New: Fancy upcoming events module now includes link to event
New: Calendar subscribe feature in front-end
New: Contact, url and article link in event editor
Fix: approved setting now saved with repeating events
New: iCalendar, private iCalendar and RSS feed links now included in Calendar Manager
New: Location editor now supports plugins (Google Maps, in particular)
New: Switch from MooTools to jQuery for front-end popups in calendar and mini month module
New: Switch from tables to divs in day block in calendar, use of rounded corners in event title in calendar
Fix: Start of week (Sunday/Monday) option in calendar settings now works
Fix: Show week number option in calendar settings now works
New: Image from event description now displays in calendar popup, if available
Fix: Correct timezone is now shown in front end event display
Fix: Category icon now displayed in front end event display
Fix: Google Maps plugin: "get directions" option now works
Fix: Links to events from map now work
Fix: Clicking on buttons "<", "O" and ">" in calendar browser no longer scrolls to top of page (title plugin).

4.0.3 beta
Released January 17, 2014
New: Zap Weather plugin
New: "Edit as New" option in back-end calendar manager.
New: improved modal dialog boxes for editing and deleting repeating events.
New: e-mail sent to event owner now sent after event approval
Fix: ACL settins now recognized.
New: front-end editing
New: check for new version
New: toggle display of calendar on and off
New: GoogleMaps plugin: show non-geocoded event option on admin page.

4.0.2 beta
Released December 21, 2013
Fix: events may appear on wrong day if time of event puts the event on a different date than UTC time
Fix: Ajax library created for Zap Calendar modules to avoid multiple refreshZ calls and displaying multiple popup windows in one click.
Fix: crash after saving an event when JomSocial plugin enabled
Fix: events are now posted in JomSocial stream
Fix: JomSocial points and posting in stream now controlled in calendar settings

4.0.1 beta
Released December 18, 2013
Fix: removed minimonth and upcoming from calendar types (use corresponding module instead)
Fix: removed JParameter calls in sendEmailToUser() function
New: added category color display in category manager
Fix: removed underline in event title in calendar
Fix: various CSS fixes for upcoming event module
Fix: added several Joomla font icons for Joomla templates that don't support them
Fix: removed IP check from controller, needs to be done at the plugin level
New: added support for AJAX enabled modules (for minimonth module and future modules)
New: Calendar can now be downloaded from the front-end.
Fix: Creating a calendar with specific categories now works
Fix: raw format type now used instead of tmpl=component for AJAX display
Fix: day and week links now work in in monthly and weekly calendars
Fix: recurring rule now included in icalendar export
New: latitude and longitude now included in icalendar export (used by Google Maps plugin)
New: Mini-month module
New: Google Maps plugin
New: JomSocial plugin
New: Community Builder plugin
Fix: IP Check now done in iCal Sync plugin instead of component

4.0.0 beta
Released November 26, 2013
Initial release provides Joomla 3.x support, redesigned back-end and support for multiple time zones
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