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TOPIC: Zap Calendar 2.2.15 Change Log

Zap Calendar 2.2.15 Change Log 8 years 6 months ago #2167

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Note: Version 2.2 is compatible with Joomla 1.5 ONLY. Use Zap Calendar version 3.0 or above for use with Joomla 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7.

Version 2.2.15 of Zap Calendar is now available. Here is the list of features and fixes in this release.

Feature Summary

New location feature - events can now be linked to locations and grouped together in their own calendar.

Improved event display - the displaying of events has been overhauled. In addition to a new event layout, administrators can now specify which fields to display using the calendar view manager.

New AJAX month chooser in front end - Front end users can now simply use their mouse to hover over the calendar month to choose another month.

New date formats for date selector - In addition to the previous format ("YYY-MM-DD"), you can now specifyU.S.A. ("MM/DD/YY") and Europian ("DD.MM.YY") formats in Zap Calendar's global settings for the date format in the date selector.

New event fields - Zap Calendar now supports icalendar fields Contact, Status (confirmed, tentative, cancelled) and Transparent. These fields are also supported for iCal imports and exports.

Hide / Show calendar option - When used with the Google Maps plugin (Pro and Standard versions), you can display just the locations of the events without displaying the calendar, including browsing month to month or week to week. Click on the new power icon to turn on or off the calendar display.

New plugin - The new Facebook Like plugin (for Pro and Standard versions) allows users to "like" an event in your calendar.

Prevent users from creating events in the past - When enabled, this new global options setting prevents users from creating events in the past.

Prevent users from creating events far into the future - When enabled, this new global setting allows you to define how far in the future events can be created.

Adding an event using a menu item - You can now create a menu item for specifically adding or suggesting a new event.

Location aware plugins - The Google Maps plugin (Pro and Standard versions) and the icalsubscribe plugin (Pro version) have been updated to support the new location feature

Change Log
New: Location support in component, supports venues in ical feeds as defined in the internet draft entitled "Internet Calendaring and Scheduling Venue Component Specification" by C. Norris.
New: Automatic association of locations during ical and CSV import if event location text matches location title.
New: Upgrading from previous version now runs database upgrade process if needed (it does when upgrading to 2.2).
New: Added event fields: status, contact, transparent. New fields are supported in ical imports and exports.
New: Added global options to limit front end adding of events in the past and too far into the future.
New: Added global option to specify date format preference of calendar widget (YYYY-MM-DD,MM/DD/YYYY or DD.MM.YYYY).
Fix: Admin tools function to remove old events now works.
New: Added popup month browser option when hovering over the month name to quickly select a month in the month calendar.
New: New layout for displaying events.
New: Can hide individual event fields in the view settings.
New: New view option to show AM/PM as either AM/PM or A/P.
New: New view option to not display end time of an event.
New: New view option to hide calendar, useful for showing just plugin output.
New: Create a menu option specifically for adding events.
New: Create a menu option for displaying a location.
New: Front-end field validation for new or updated events is now in-line (i.e. no popup alerts).
New: Improved link sharing with Facebook.
New Plugin: Facebook Like (standard and pro versions)
New: GoogleMaps Plugin now allows you to click on the link of a missing location to edit the event of the missing location.
New: icalsubscribe Plugin supports new location feature and new event fields
Fix: Corrected broken tag in Zap Article plugin
Fix: JomComment view option "only when specified by the event" now works.

Fix: Installation now works correctly for new installs

Fix: Fixed Warning messages for onBeforeDisplay() and HeaderDisplay() on some plugins.

Fix: "until date" field for repeating events now conforms to global date format (i.e. mm/dd/yyyy,
Fix: RSS feed now works when the GoogleMaps and FacebookLike plugins are enabled (Standard and Pro versions only).
Fix: Group Map now works with GoogleMaps plugin when all locations are venues.

Fix: iCalendar date format is now checked when importing event.php
Fix: Zap Calendar now uses its own timezone file if icalendar file/URL does not include it.
Fix: icalsubscribe plugin: event is now linked correctly to category when importing repeating events.
Fix: mod_zcalendar_control module: fixed language typo in XML file

July 4, 2011
Fix: added method of determining viewid from menu option
Fix: Zap Calendar modules now work in non-AJAX mode when changing dates
Fix: fixed issue with mini-month browsing when mini-month module on a Zap Calendar page
Fix: fixed issue with Zap Calendar plugins using event start and end fields
Fix: convertDate() now recognizes mm/dd/yyyy and in addition to yyyy-mm-dd
Fix: JomSocial plugin (Pro version): fixed missing path to Zap Calendar tables
Fix: Moon Phase plugin: fixed GMT issue
Fix: Comment plugin (Pro version): e-mail to event owner now works

September 22, 2011
New: Added "BYSETPOS" support in icalendar import.
New: Added PHP 5.3 support
Fix: modified code to remove warning when running PHP 5.3
Fix: removed "view" debug statement in mod_zcalendar
Fix: fixed issue with popup month chooser in front-end when view's starting month was not January
Fix: fixed ical import issue with event's time in a recurring event.

October 5, 2011
Fix: display warning in view manager when there is no default view configured
Fix: fixed PHP 5.3 issues with plugins
Fix: front-end deletion of events is now possible even when there is no default view defined.

November 8, 2011
Update: worldwide timezone data updated
Fix: fixed repeating event date description
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