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Module Name: my rsvp

Availability: Zap Calendar Pro

This module displays a list of events the user has RSVP'd .  The user must be logged in to view his RSVP's.  The RSVP plugin is required in order to use this module.


The rsvp plugin must first be configured and installed (click here for more information on the rsvp plugin.)    After installing and enabling this module, you will have the following options:

  • moduleclass_sfx - Use this field to customize the look of the module (requires CSS changes to template)
  • viewid - Zap Calendar view to pull view settings, if blank or zero, use default view. View settings upcoming type, upcoming num, upcoming max, upcoming format, popup, and empty list text are used from the view for displaying the list.


Other Notes:

This module is new in Zap Calendar version 2.1

Setting this module to the access level "Registered" is recommended, since the user must be logged in to view their RSVP's.