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Plugin Name: photoheader

Availability: Zap Calendar Standard Zap Calendar Pro

Purpose: To show a unique photo (or any HTML supported graphic image) for each month on the calendar


After installing and enabling the plugin, modify the following plugin settings in the view:

Photo Month Plugin: set to "On"

Canvas Height, in pixels: The height of the displayable image

Photo Folder, relative to stories folder: The plugin uses this folder to pull images from.  If there are less than 12 images in the folder, it will look at any subfolders. If no more images are found, then the images will be repeated.

Repeat Image: set this to true for small images

Month Browser: (new in version 3) When enabled, this option allows clicking on the image to move to the next or previous months.  Click on the right side of the photo to move to the next month, or click on the left side to move to the previous month.  This feature is similar to photo browsing in Facebook.  You can also click the middle of the photo to move to the current month.

Show Photo when Printing: You can disable the printing of the image if desired.