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Users frequently contact us to determine why events are not showing on their calendars.  Zap Calendar provides many advanced features but that can also lead to configurations where events do not display as expected.  Here is a checklist of items to look for if you do not see events in your calendar.

  • Verify the event is published and approved in the event manager.
  • Verify that at least one of the event's categories is listed in the calendar's category list (under the category tab in the calendar settings).
  • Verify the category is published in the category manager
  • Check the date range in the calendar (under the general tab in the calendar settings) to verify the event falls within the date range.  If the date range is blank, check the range in Zap Calendar's global settings. The date range is typically set to "-1Y" and "+3Y", which is one year ago from today to 3 years in the future (some users have had success when resaving the Zap Calendar global settings).
  • Verify your calendar does not have personal mode enabled, defined under the general tab in the calendar settings.  When personal mode is enabled, only events created by the user will be displayed (and the user is logged into the site).
  • Verify the event's access is set to public, or verify the security access matches the user's access level if not set to public.