What 3 Words Best Describe the Latest Version of Zap Calendar?

... Location, location, location!zapcalendarbox200


OK, that is a variation of a bad joke, but it does highlight the major feature of version 2.2 of Zap Calendar, which is expected to be released in April.  The new location feature in 2.2 will allow you to group events by location and display a calendar of only those events at that location. By using Zap Calendar's powerful calendar view feature, you can choose what type of calendar to display for a location: monthly, weekly, upcoming and more.  iCal and CSV imports make it easy to associate events to locations automatically by matching events with the same location text.


What else is new in version 2.2?

Many of the new features in version 2.2 were suggested by customers.  In addition to location support, version 2.2 contains the following new features:


Improved event display - the displaying of events has been overhauled.  In addition to a new event layout, administrators can now specify which fields to display using the calendar view manager.

New AJAX month chooser in front end - Front end users can now simply use their mouse to hover over the calendar month to choose another month.

New date formats for date selector - In addition to the previous format ("YYY-MM-DD"), you can now specifyU.S.A. ("MM/DD/YY") and Europian ("DD.MM.YY") formats  in Zap Calendar's global settings for the date format in the date selector.

New event fields - Zap Calendar now supports icalendar fields Contact, Status (confirmed, tentative, cancelled) and Transparent.  These fields are also supported for iCal  imports and exports.

Hide / Show calendar option - When used with the Google Maps plugin (Pro and Standard versions), you can display just the locations of the events without displaying the calendar, including browsing month to month or week to week.  Click on the new power icon to turn on or off the calendar display.

New plugin - The new Facebook Like plugin (for Pro and Standard versions) allows users to "like" an event in your calendar.

Prevent users from creating events in the past - When enabled, this new global options setting prevents users from creating events in the past.

Prevent users from creating events far into the future - When enabled, this new global setting allows you to define how far in the future events can be created.

Adding an event using a menu item - You can now create a menu item for specifically adding or suggesting a new event.

Location aware plugins - The Google Maps plugin (Pro and Standard versions) and the icalsubscribe plugin (Pro version) have been updated to support the new location feature.v


Version 2.2 is compatible with Joomla 1.5 only.  Support for Joomla 1.6 is under development.  Version 2.2 can be previewed now in the demo section at http://www.zapcalendar.com .  You can also preview this release, including the Facebook Like plugin, at http://www.AmericanHistoryCalendar.com .    This version is expected to be released in April.