The National Weather Service recently announced they will no longer support the alert feeds that Z Weather uses on or about January 18, 2011.  An update to Z Weather has just been released to address this issue.  Version 6.0.3 addresses this issue by using a new alert feed from the NWS that replaces the previous feed.  The alert screen will be formatted slightly different from the previous version but the information will still be the same.  All users who utilize the alert feature in Z Weather will need to upgrade to this version.  Sites using a previous version of Z Weather will see this message:

This feed will be redirected starting or shortly after Jan. 18th, 2011

Version 6.03 will correct this issue, which only affects the Z Weather component.  All other files are unaffected.


Upgrade Instructions:


  • Download the Z Weather component version 6.0.3 from the download link on this web site (no need to update the module or cronjob, these are unchanged).
  • Uninstall Z Weather.
  • Install the new Z Weather component (the location information will be retained after the uninstall and re-install).