zapcalendarbox200rWe continue to strive to make Zap Calendar the very best calendar program available for Joomla, so we are proud to announce the availability of Zap Calendar 4.0.20 with several enhancements.  One of the major enhancements in this release is the enhanced upcoming events module.  There are now a total of 9 upcoming event styles, and the new class attributes feature provides dozens of style variations.


There are 5 new styles in this release: simple, simple color, round, round color and fancy icon.  The simple styles provide a minimalistic design using a rectangular icon to display the calendar date.  The round styles provide a round icon and the fancy icon combines the category color with the event icon to product the calendar icon.

Also new in this release is the ability to add class attributes the upcoming event module to vary the display style. The new class attributes are border, shadow, large and upper.  Border displays a border around the plain and round styles. Shadow displays a 3D shadow behind the icon.  Large displays a larger calendar icon, and upper displays the month name in uppercase letters.  These class attributes can be combined.  For example, a class attribute of "large shadow" will display a large icon with a shadow.  More information can be found on the upcoming module support page, and several examples can be found on the upcoming events demo page.


Another new feature is the ability to download events to a number of calendar programs.  You can now choose to download events to Google Calendar, iCalendar, Outlook, Outlook Online and Yahoo.


We have also tested Zap Calendar with a beta version of the next major Joomla release, Joomla 3.4.  We found some display issues and corrected them in this release. Zap Calendar 4.0.20 or higher is recommended for Joomla 3.4, which should be available within a few weeks.