zapcalendarbox200rWith the new year in full swing, we have released Zap Calendar 4.0.19, which contains enhancements and a new add-on (and bug fixes too).  Our updates are based on feedback by our users, and we thank you for your continued support and feedback.


We have made some improvements to the event display on the front end.  Did you notice the bar underneath the event title was the same color as the category? Not many people did, so we made it a bit bigger and also used a gradiant to blend it into the background.  We also color coded the category names, similar to what you see in the back-end event manager.  So the typical event display will look like this:



jefferson event


We also made the calendar display more responsive.  It was already responsive, unless you enabled the category legend feature.  Now that is responsive too.  The categories are color coded here like in the event display:

 zcalendar legend

We made some tweeks to the back-end screens.  This includes the news feed on the panel page.  The news feed is now more compact, showing more articles with less screen real-estate.  You can read more of any news article by clicking on the title.  There is also an option now to import sample data in the iCalendar import screen (Tools -> iCalendar Import).  With the sample data, you can import birthdays or events from American History. Want to import other calendars? Read this article for information on thousands of other compatible calendars that you can import into Zap Calendar.

We have also added a new add-on.  The event filter add-on is similar to the category control add-on in that both of them provide filtering of the calendar by categories.  The category control is not responsive, however, the event filter is responsive.  The event filter also provides optional filtering based on a location defined in the location manager.  The category control is still useful when categories are layed out in a tree structure or you want to select groups of categories.

Zap Calendar 4.0.19p1 was also recently released that contains some fixes to the front-end editing of events.