calendars 200If you have enabled Zap Calendar for iCalendar downloads, or if you are looking for a calendar to import into Zap Calendar, then this site may be for you.  The web site provides a directory of downloadable calendars.  You can download any of the thousands of calendars available on the site and import them into Zap Calendar, or you can promote your own calendar by sharing it with others using this site. has been around for several years and has a quite extensive list of calendars.  Although it was originally developed for Mac users, the calendars on the site can be used by any iCalendar compliant calendar program (which includes Zap Calendar!). Steve Jobs even mentioned the site at a meeting of Mac followers.

We are also proud to see our own "Events in American History" calendar listed in the "Best of iCalShare" category.  This calendar comes from our web site, which is a Joomla based site running Zap Calendar.

To enable Zap Calendar for iCalendar downloads, open your calendar using the back-end calendar manager.  Under the export tab, enable the "Allow iCal Public Export" option. You may also wish to enable the "Download Icon" option under the general tab (this will display an icon in the front end allowing users to download the calendar).  After saving the calendar, right click the calendar icon next to your calendar to copy the iCalendar URL.  Enter this URL into your calendar listing at the site.

You can also import a calendar from the site using the import option under the tools menu.  You can import multiple calendars, using a new category for each calendar.  For Zap Calendar Pro users, you can also sync the calendar so any updates to the calendar will automatically update the calendar in Zap Calendar.

Note: The calendar import option is available in the Basic, Standard and Pro versions of Zap Calendar.  It is not available with Zap Calendar Lite.