Welcome to Z Content. a provider of programming and consulting expertise in web based Content Management Systems (CMS).  Web and template design, site setup and php custom programming are some of the services we provide.

Z Content is the developer of several products for Joomla:

Commercial Open Source

Zap Audit analyzes a Joomla! website, searching for hard to find hacked files. This allows delaying or even eliminating the need to rebuild a Joomla website after an attack. A detailed audit is generated, including a check for Joomla! best practices.


zapcalendarbox200rZap Calendar is a full featured, native Joomla calendar system for displaying, managing and downloading calendars and events.  There are dozens of add-ons available for Zap Calendar to add additional features, including mapping, commenting, weather and a whole lot more.  Check out the demo at ZapCalendar.com for a live demonstration of the product.  You can also see a demo of Zap Calendar at AmericanHistoryCalendar.com.

signmeupbox200rSign Me Up! is a sign-up tool for your events. Invite users to visit your event page to sign-up for items, send them e-mail reminders and thank-yous, sell items, and download the sign-ups to Excel or a CSV file for reports. Sign Me Up! is built on Zap Calendar and is fully compatible with dozens of add-ons already available. Sign Me Up! is used with either the Basic, Standard or Pro versions of Zap Calendar.

Free Open Source

Zap Audit Lite gives you peace of mind knowing your site is free from hidden hacked files. A summary audit is generated, including a check for Joomla! best practices (see Zap Audit for detailed audit).


zapcalendarlitebox200rZap Calendar Lite is the free version of Zap Calendar.  For those that need a native Joomla Calendar but do not have the budget to purchase one of the Zap Calendar subscriptions, Zap Calendar Lite is the perfect choice.  This version provides a calendar system for Joomla with several add-ons and iCalendar support, and can easily be upgraded to a subscription if additional functionality or support is needed at a later time.

zapweather200Zap Weather is a free component and module for displaying U.S.A. weather using NOAA weather data.  Display current weather conditions, forecasts and weather alerts with this component.  Zap Weather can also be used with our calendar product, Zap Calendar.


Zap Store

Welcome to the Zap Store.  This is where you can purchase Zap Calendar as well as manage your subscriptions and download your applications. You will need to log in to manage and download your applications.


Commercial Open Source


Zap Calendar - An advanced, native Joomla calendar featuring AJAX, RSS and full iCalendar support with dozens of add-ons to provide additional functionality.


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Free Open Source


Zap Calendar Lite - The free version of Zap Calendar, featuring AJAX, RSS, iCalendar support and add-ons to provide additional functionality.

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Zap Weather - A free Joomla component and module that can display weather information for any U.S.A. location using weather data from the National Weather Service (NWS).


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Back End Screenshots

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The Main Panel


Zap Calendar's main panel screen provides navigation to the Event, Category and View manager screens as well as several administration functions.  It also displays the RSS feed from Z Content.

Importing Events


Events from other calendar applications like Google Calendar can be imported into Zap Calendar.

The Event Manager


Add, update and delete events using the event manager.  You can also update a repeating event as a whole, or remove or edit an individual event in a repeating series.

Adding/Editing An Event


Events can be added in Zap Calendar's frontend or backend interfaces.

The Category Manager


Category colors and icons can be specified for each category. Categories can also be grouped together by selecting a common parent category.

The View Manager


Use the calendar view manager to manage multiple calendars.

Zap Calendar Module Demonstration

Here is a sample of several Zap Calendar views. Every Zap Calendar view can be used in either a component page or module.

Z Content Demonstration Page

This area demonstrates the Zap Calendar and Z Weather applications. Click on one of the menu option above to select a demo.

Z Weather Module Demonstration

The Z Weather module can be configured in a number of different ways. This page shows some of the ways the module can be configured. Each module shown here is showing live weather data. Forecast data can be shown horizontally or vertically for 24, 12 or 3 hour intervals.