Zap Calendar's features can be extended by using any of the dozens of available add-ons.  Below is a list and description of these add-ons.

What's Included?
Use this guide to see what module or plugin is included in each version of Zap Calendar:

basic version - Zap Calendar Basic
standard version - Zap Calendar Standard
pro version - Zap Calendar Pro


Zap Calendar basic versionstandard versionpro version - This module allows the display of any Zap Calendar view within a module.  This includes both AJAX and non-AJAX based views.  This module effectively allows the component display of Zap Calendar to be displayed in a module.

Zap Calendar Controller basic versionstandard versionpro version - This module allows a user to toggle the display of individual categories of a view.  This module works with both AJAX and non-AJAX based views.

My RSVP pro version - This module shows all events a user has RSVP'd to.  Requires the RSVP plugin (new in version 2.1)

Quick Events basic versionstandard versionpro version - This administrator module allows you to quickly add events from anywhere in the back-end (new in version 3.0).

Recent Comments pro version - See which events users are commenting on.  Requires the comment plugin (new in version 2.1)

Stats basic versionstandard versionpro version - Provides a summary of the number of events, categories, locations and calendars in Zap Calendar's back-end tools page.


Zap Calendar plugins extend the functionality of your calendar.  Just like Joomla plugins, you can pick and choose the Zap Calendar plugins you wish to use with your calendar.


AcyMailing Integration pro version - Add Zap Calendar events easily into an AcyMailing newsletter.  Select events for a newsletter individually, by category or by view.

The Comment plugin allows users to post comments on your events directly on the event page. Avatars are shown if either the JomSocial or Community Builder plugins are enabled.

The Comment plugin is available in the Pro version of Zap Calendar

Comment pro version - Post comments on events, creating your own discussion database within Zap Calendar.  Event owners can receive e-mails when comments are posted for their event. Utilizes recaptcha plugin if installed.

Community Builder Integration pro version - Utilize Community Builder avatars and user profiles in RSVP's and event comments.

Event Reminder basic versionstandard versionpro version - Send reminder e-mails to event owners prior to an event.

Facebook Like Button standard versionpro version - Promote your events by showing a Facebook Like or Recommend button on the event page.

Google Maps standard versionpro version - This plugin displays the map location of an event. When the location of an event is specified, this plugin finds this location and displays it using Google Maps.

Gravatar pro version - Display avatars created from the web site.

iCal Subscribepro version - This plugin allows you to subscribe to external calendars supporting the iCal format and display them using Zap Calendar. Subscriptions are updated automatically using a cron job.  This plugin allows multiple external calendars to be combined into a single calendar that can itself be made available as an iCal subscription.

JomComment Integrationpro version - Use the popular JomComment component to post comments on individual events.

JomSocial Integration pro version - Utilize JomSocial avatars, user profiles and post Wall activities from RSVP's and event comments.

Month Header standard versionpro version - Display a horizontal bar of months at the top of the calendar to allow users to quickly display any month (new in version 3.0).

Moon Phase basic versionstandard versionpro version - Graphically show the phases of the moon directly on the calendar (new in version 2.1)

More Info standard versionpro version - Add custom fields to the event, or use the default fields for event contact, phone # and e-mail address.

Password standard versionpro version - A simple approach to password protect the adding and editing of events from the front end (new in version 3.0)

Photo Header standard versionpro version - Display a different photo each month at the top of your calendar.

QR Code standard versionpro version - Display a QR code (square barcode) on the event details page, allowing users to save the event details directly on their smart phone.

Recaptcha standard versionpro version - Add captcha support for visitors adding or suggesting events and posting comments using the comment plugin.

RSVP pro version - Attend events posted on Zap Calendar and see who else is attending the event. Event owners can export RSVP data to Excel or CSV files as well as send e-mails to attendees.  Attendees can receive automatic e-mail reminders when event approaches or when an event date or location change.

Search basic versionstandard versionpro version - Provides searching of Zap Calendar events using Joomla's built-in search feature.

Zap Article standard versionpro version - This is a Joomla article plugin.  When linking an ZapCalendar event to an article, this plugin links the article back to the event to show date, time and location information directly within the article.  It will also display any ZapCalendar event plugins that are being used.

Zap Controller basic versionstandard versionpro version - This is the plugin version of the Zap Calendar Controller. This plugin displays the category controller directly above the calendar, so it does not depend on the module positions in your template

Zap Weather standard versionpro version - Display weather information directly on your calendar using Zap Weather and this plugin.