Welcome to Z Content. a provider of programming and consulting expertise in web based Content Management Systems (CMS).  Web and template design, site setup and php custom programming are some of the services we provide.

Z Content is the developer of several products for Joomla:

zapcalendarbox200rZap Calendar is a full featured, native Joomla calendar system for displaying, managing and downloading calendars and events.  There are dozens of add-ons available for Zap Calendar to add additional features, including mapping, commenting, weather and a whole lot more.  Check out the demo at ZapCalendar.com for a live demonstration of the product.  You can also see a demo of Zap Calendar at AmericanHistoryCalendar.com.

zapcalendarlitebox200rZap Calendar Lite is the free version of Zap Calendar.  For those that need a native Joomla Calendar but do not have the budget to purchase one of the Zap Calendar subscriptions, Zap Calendar Lite is the perfect choice.  This version provides a calendar system for Joomla with several add-ons and iCalendar support, and can easily be upgraded to a subscription if additional functionality or support is needed at a later time.

zapweather200Zap Weather is a free component and module for displaying U.S.A. weather using NOAA weather data.  To download Zap Weather, click the Download menu option above.