Please Note: Zap Calendar 4 is compatible only with Joomla version 3.x. Zap Calendar 3 is compatible with Joomla versions 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5.

Zap Calendar is available for download by subscription as well as a free "Lite" version. To download the Lite version, you must first create an account on the Z Content site, then download it from the "My ZApps" menu option.

There are three paid subscription levels: Basic, Standard and Pro *. The table below provides a comparison of the versions. You can also click here for a more detailed listing of the Zap Calendar add-ons.


Zap Calendar Version 4 Feature Comparison
  zlite Basic Standard Pro
AJAX support
Repeating events
Can run on more than one web site
Native SEF support
sh404SEF support  
Theme support  
No back links  
Application updates and forum access for 12 months  
Front End iCalendar Support:
event download
calendar download
Back End iCalendar Support:
external calendar import (iCalendar and CSV)  
external calendar synchronization (iCalendar)      
RSS Support:
create RSS feed from calendar
e-mail upcoming events to e-mail list **
calendar view
upcoming events
event filter  
quick event  
calendar stats  
recent comments      
my rsvp's      
title and calendar browser
category controller
moon phases
event search
event filter  
event reminder e-mail  
Google Maps    
Link article to event    
Customizable Facebook like button    
Social like buttons for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter    
single click to any month (month header plugin)    
display photo at top of calendar (photo header plugin)    
Download event details to a smart phone using a QR code (square barcode)    
Add custom fields to event (more info plugin)    
filter events by category tree (tree filter plugin)    
iCal sync (for synchronizing Google, MS Outlook and other external calendar programs)       
comment on an event      
RSVP to an event      
Plugins that integrate with other products:
Zap Weather Integration  
Dark Sky Weather Integration  
sh404SEF Integration  
JomSocial Integration      
Community Builder Integration      
AcyMailing Integration      
Xmap Integration      
# of calendar themes 1 8 8 8
# of upcoming events styles 1 9 9 9
# of included modules and plugins 6 15 24 34

*: Subscription cost includes the product and 12 months of updates and access to the support forum. Zap Calendar can still be used if the subscription is not renewed, however, there will be no updates or support.

**: This feature is available by creating an RSS feed through

Important Note: This is the only official source for Zap Calendar.  It has come to our attention that rogue web sites are enticing users to download malware pretending to be Zap Calendar.  Please ensure you do not fall for this tatic and unintentionally install potentially harmful software on your computer.